NT-125 – The Falls

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“The Falls” is a handcrafted miniature mountainous model railroad layout set atop a display base.  The silver passenger train, pulled by a black steam locomotive, travels through a large mountain pass to emerge on a mountain ridge that overlooks a faux waterfall that travels from the lake and whitewater river located on top of the mountain down to the lake below, which gives this display its name.  The train continues around a mountain ridge that passes another lake and continues to the last mountain ridge that overlooks the opposite side of the waterfall as it crosses a bridge before entering back into the mountain pass.  This display gets its name, “The Falls” from the view of the beautiful falls that are visible to the train passengers as the train enters and exits the mountain pass. 

  • This train layout is handcrafted with materials used for model railroad layouts.  Since each piece is handcrafted there are slight differences in color and landscaping.
  • The base and layout are both made of resin to provide a long-lasting product.  Both are painted with acrylic paint and the base is finished with a satin polyurethane to provide a lustrous look.
  • The top of the large mountain is removable to allow access to the track below and is easily replaced into the groves of the mountain base to ensure proper placement to not impeded the train as it moves through the pass.   
  • Train consists of a black steam locomotive and five silver passenger cars.  Red and Green train cars are also available which many purchase to be used at Christmas.
  • Contains a 9 Volt power cord and an On/Off switch, both of which are located on the back of the base.
  • The electrical power for this display can be converted to a 9 Volt battery pack upon request.  The battery option enables a cordless display that can be kept on a coffee, or other table, where cords would be inappropriate.  The batteries usually last between 6 and 8 hours with continuous use.
"The Falls" measures 7 5/8 inches deep, 6 1/4 inches wide, and 4 1/2 inches tall.