NT-100 Tranquil Ridge

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A handcrafted miniature mountain model railroad scene nestled in a hand finished wooden box with intricate hardware and hand painted midday sky. The passenger train, pulled by a black steam locomotive, travels through a large mountain pass followed by a brief glimpse of a lake before being transported behind another mountain to emerge in a beautiful valley and lake scene.  The journey concludes on a mountain ridge (“Tranquil Ridge”) before entering back into the large mountain pass.  The “Tranquil Ridge” overlooks a realistic faux waterfall that flows from the top of the large mountain, splitting into multiple whitewater falls as it moves down the mountain and into the lake below. 

Solid wood lidded box contains brass like intricate hardware including two closures and a handle that is hand finished in a number of stain colors.  

  • This train layout is handcrafted with materials used for model railroad layouts.  Since each piece is handcrafted there will be slight color and landscaping differences.
  • The internal sides of the box are painted, depicting a midday sky.  
  • The top of the large mountain is removable to allow access to the track below.  The mountain top is easily replaced into the groves of the mountain base to ensure proper placement as to not impeded the train as it moves through the pass.   
  • Train consists of a black steam locomotive and five passenger cars.
  • Contains a 9 Volt power cord and an On/Off switch, both of which are located on the back of the wooden box. The electrical power for this display can be converted to a 9 Volt battery back upon request.
  • "Tranquil Ridge" measures 10 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 3 inches tall.