GS100A - Ghost Deluxe Train

Regular price $175.00

The world's smallest train set in a mountainous Medieval Castle scene protected within a glass dome.  The castle contains a red or orange light that shines through the castle windows and sits on top of a mountain.  A stream flows from the top of the mountain to the brick train bridge, which contains two openings for the water flow to imagined river below.  The train cars have an eerie glow after they pass through the mountain that contains a black light.  The train cars can be replaced with a package of PS-100A Christmas train cars, PT-200A passenger cars, or a package of yellow automobiles and red busses to offer year-round diversity to your setting.  The PS-100A Christmas train cars includes a black steam engine, two red passenger cars, and two green passenger cars.  The PT-200A train car set includes a black steam engine and five silver passenger cars.  The yellow cars and red busses can be purchased individually. 

The GS-100A contains:

  • Mountainous castle scene.
  • Steam locomotive and five train cars which have an eerie glow when viewed in subdued lighting.
  • Locomotive sound which can be silenced.
  • Quality hand blown glass dome.
  • Power adapter.
  • Packaged in a secure foam nest in a decorative display box.